• Design and develop office automation softwares (MIS, ERP, CRM)
  • Design and develop financial market solutions (Real-time Surveillance Applications)
  • Familiar with software simulation to simulate software, finance, mechanical and electrical environment.
  • Ability of using digital sign, encryption, decryption methods for enhancing security of applications
  • Administration
    • Operating Systems
      • Windows (NT4 , 2K , 2K3 , 2K8)
      • Linux (RedHat , CentOS )
    • Databases
      • SQL Server (2000, 2005 , 2008 , 2012)
      • Oracle (9i , 10g)
      • MySQL
      • Document-oriented Databases like MongoDB
    • Familiar with programming languages
      • Microsoft .net Languages (C++, Managed C++, C# , VB , LINQ)
      • Databases Languages (SQL, TSQL, PLSQL)
      • Script languages(JavaScript, VBScript , Perl, PHP, Python , Windows Host scripts, Windows PowerShell, linux Shell scripts )
      • Assembly X86 Based Processors
      • VB6, Delphi, Pascal
      • C and C++ For Windows, Linux and Other Platforms
    • Familiar with Design and Development Tools and Frameworks
      • ASP.Net , PHP , PERL , CGI In Web Development
      • AJAX
      • JQuery
      • Windows Service Programming
      • Web Service Programming
      • ORM Frameworks
      • Self Designed ORM Framework
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  • Familiar with HP Servers, Storage Devices (DAS, NAS, SAN)
  • Familiar with mikrotik routerboard and RouterOS
  • Design hardware infrastructure for low latency financial market solutions
  • Design And Implement Digital/Analogue Hardware Solutions using Microcontrollers, AtoD, DtoA
  • Firmware Programming Using Assembly (RISC, CISC) And High level Languages (C, C++, Java)

Other Activities

  • Using Digital signal processing (DSP) formulas for image and sound processing.
  • Programming microcontrollers in creation of hardware devices (Information Boards , wireless Data Transmission appliance)
  • Using neural networks for pattern matching , financial market predictions and …
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